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About me

I am of Christian background and have a very high belief in equality. I am a very caring, understanding and non-judgmental person who always tries to help others.

I have been involved in counselling for a number of years starting in schools with pupils who had problems and issues. My interest in this area led me to study counselling in greater depth and train to be a counsellor.

Throughout my working career, I have always been in the caring and helping professions.

I believe in continued personal development and study different counselling courses each year to continually broaden my knowledge and keep up to date with new developments and processes.

I achieved my Bachelor of Education from the University of London and my Bachelor of Science from the Open University. I gained my NCFE counselling award and my ACCEPT Counselling Diploma in more recent years. My professional counselling accreditation is with ACCPH.

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My qualifications

Bachelor of Science
NCFE  Counselling Award
ACCEPT Counselling Diploma (Ireland)
Advanced Diploma in Anger Management (Distinction)
Accredited Senior Member of ACCPH
The professional body for Accredited  Counsellors, Coaches, Psychologists and Hypnotherapists

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