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It was difficult for me to accept that I needed help as I had always dealt with matters myself.  Although I knew that I was struggling with anxiety and stress I kept putting off seeking help
for a long time.  Finally I contacted Christian who immediately put my mind at rest.  While talking through my issues, I found myself really opening up to Christian and knew that he understood what I was going through.  I am now feeling a great deal better in myself and although I have finished my counselling I know that if things start to get on top of me again, I can call Christian.

Thank you Christian.
Throughout my life I have had anger management issues.  I have lost a great deal including my business, friends and family.  Quite honestly, although I wanted to get on top of my bad temper, I felt that nothing could be done.  A concerned friend of mine Recommend Christian to me so, I decided to contact him.  Since are first session I have not looked back. I was able to discuss my issues with Christian without being judged.  He suggested strategies to help me manage my anger which I am now able to do, enabling me to keep calmer in stressful situations.  Throughout my life I have always put myself down but Christian has helped me to see my good points and helped me believe in myself.

I am now a much happier, confident person.
After many years of being in an abusive relationship I was left feeling worthless and had very low self esteem.  I separated from my partner but things didn't get any better to the point I quit my job and did not want to get out of bed in the mornings.  After a period of time I was convinced to seek help and get some Counselling.  I am so lucky to have contacted Christian.  He has a very calming manner and I found myself opening up to him within a few minutes.  I had a few sessions with Christian and am now feeling a great deal better in myself. I have gained a lot of confidence and was able secure a new job.  I am now living my life to the full.

I am so grateful to you Christian.
Simply brilliant! Christian has helped me change all my negative feelings about myself and I am now living a more positive and happier life. It was really easy to talk to Christian and he was
so supportive and understanding.  If you are looking for a counsellor, I can fully recommend Christian.

Thank you so, so, so much Christian. 
A life changing experience. Before meeting Christian, I was finding it hard to cope. I had no confidence and thought myself as a useless person. I found it difficult to speak to people and avoided any contact. This was getting me down so I decided to get some help.  I spoke with Christian over the phone and we arranged to meet. I remember feeling anxious going to my first appointment and thought I would not be able to express my thoughts and feelings. How
wrong I was. From first meeting Christian, I felt at ease and things came flooding out. He is so easy to talk to and he helped me to feel so much better about myself and helped me grow as a person. I look at life in a much more positive way now and have gained a good group of friends. This is all thanks to you Christian.

Thank you.

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